Aiming at creating new values to “Inspire a Life of Beauty and Culture”

Shiseido aims to create a sustainable society where people become happy through beauty under the motto of "Inspiring a Life of Beauty and Culture”.

In order to achieve our mission, we think Open Innovation is crucial to solve many of the challenges ahead of us not only by facing them on our own but also by being flexible in leveraging external resources as necessary. This is why, Shiseido Venture Partners wants to support venture companies that will generate value that our company cannot create alone, through mutual collaboration.

In accordance with this philosophy not only will we provide funding, but we will also leverage our business expertise cultivated over the years as well as our assets, while adapting to the characteristics of venture companies.

We will promote the creation of new values to contribute to the growth of the venture industry by proactively investing in promising venture companies that will make a meaningful impact in the beauty industry.
About us
Shiseido Venture Partners
1-6-2 Higashi Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Shiseido Company, Limited
Business Development Department
December 2016
Business Description
Corporate venture capital
Target Area
Technologies,ideas,or business structures that deliver “beauty”
Investment Regions
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